Just punch in the lease terms and current mileage and you’ll have a comprehensive list of mileage averages, projections, and graphs to show where you stand in the life of your lease and where you can expect to be when the time comes to turn your vehicle in.

You can also update the mileage of your vehicle at any time to get an even more up-to-date look at your lease status.

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  • Easy to read interface
  • Advertisement-free
  • Multiple Vehicle Profiles
  • Detailed Information View
  • History View
  • Graph View (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Works for both miles and kilometers
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  • Days and Percentage Into Lease Life
  • Miles to Date (Current vs Allowed)
  • Miles Over/Under to Date
  • Average Miles Per Day (Actual vs Allowed)
  • Average Miles Per Month (Actual vs Allowed)
  • Projected Total Miles
  • Projected Miles Over/Under
  • Projected Overage Charges
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